Monday, September 28, 2009

Ain't No Party Like a Swine Flu Party

Sometimes life just keeps on throwing curve balls at you and all you can do, is duck and laugh. Or you will go INSANE.

This morning Isaiah felt a little warm. I could not find the thermometer and he was playing just fine, so I figured he was fine. About 2 hours later he came and sat on my lap. The kid was on FIRE. I ran out to the store for a thermometer and fever meds (since our freaking Tylenol was recalled). I took and his temp and FREAKED the poor thing had a 104.6. I called the doctor, because my gut was screaming H1N1. The peds office was booked solid and couldn't get us in til 4:30. I let him take a nap, thinking the meds would kick in. UH NO. He woke up even hotter.

By the time we were seen by the doctor, at 5:15 (the place was MOBBED). He was hardly moving, was randomly twitching, and was in tachycardia. I was a freaking mess. They gave him a big dose of Motrin and tested for the flu and strep.

He tested positive for the Flu. Since the standard flu is not active in Florida this time of year and he has every symptom of H1N1, the doctor diagnosed him with it.

He started Tamiflu tonight. Jordan starts it tomorrow as a preventative, because of his asthma, he is high risk. Noah is not getting any, he is healthy and at an age that is not a high risk.

Say a prayer we caught this in time, it doesn't spread, and Isaiah gets better fast!


Woo222 said...

I'm praying, and praying and praying. This is nuts to me, all these sick people. And nothing is worse than sick children :( I know I live so far away that I might as well live on Mars, but let me know if there is ANYTHING you need help with. Seriously. I know, people say that constantly and don't really mean it, but I do. ~Susan

Sarah R said...

You know I will be, girl! Love you...

Anonymous said...

I hope he is feeling better soon! A boy in my daughter's preschool class just had it as well. Luckily there were no other cases in the school.

Aunt Becky said...

Good LORD. Saying my prayers. Feel better, all of you. XOXO.