Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama Drama

Tomorrow, every school child in America was supposed to sit down to hear President Obama speak to them about the importance of staying in school, working hard, and going to college. But unfortunately here in Florida, most of the schools have chosen not to show it. The conservative uproar over Pres. Obama speaking to the children has caused the school boards to decided not to show it.

When I saw this on the news on Friday I felt sick. This is what our country has come to?

It is no secret to those who know me, I am a Democrat, I have been since I registered to vote. I do not feel like in order to be Christian, one needs to be a Republican. I have issues with both parties, but continue to lean to the left. No politician is without fault. I voted for Obama and though there are things he has done since becoming president that make me nervous (the internet bill for one), but he is still our President and deserves respect.*

However, some of the accusations, about this speech in particular, are ludicrous. I have personally read/heard people stating that he is using this speech to BRAINWASH the children. UMM holy hell, if he had the power to brainwash anyone, we would have health care! Along the same lines, I have heard he is going to use it to spread socialist (or communist take your pick) propaganda to the youth. A playground conversation revealed that a friend actually thinks he is a terrorist! (my brain exploded on the play ground!)

People this is a speech about education that is ALL. The man is under INTENSE scrutiny, he is not going to do anything to further aggravate the nuts cases** I mean the opposition. Here is the link to the actual speech.

I will let my sons watch it on the internet when we get home from school, since that seems to be the only option. It's just sad to me.

*I will fully admit to talking a fair amount of smack about Bush. However I would have never had a fit or questioned his intent about speaking to school kids.

**and by nut cases I don't mean all conservatives just the ones who may or may not have tin foil on their roofs to stop the satellites from reading their thoughts and/or Obama from telepathically brainwashing the youngins.


Aunt Becky said...

I honestly cannot believe it. I SHOULD know better, but I am still in shock that they won't be showing it.

Sarah R said...

They're showing it here in Volusia County, and I'm letting my kids see it. PLUS I'm a conservative and a Christian.
I did get a phone call from the school advising me I could opt out. But I will not let them. History is history no matter who it comes from.

mom2nji said...

Sarah, You are a SANE conservative! lol.

Kim said...

AMEN dear, AMEN. It just makes my blood boil.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I found you through Ms Moon's blog (isn't she great?!?)
I love that you're not afraid to speak your mind, and you're not letting your kids buy into this brainwashing crap.
P.S. I love your blog header. If you could buy sanity, I'd have bought the bulk package years ago.