Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time to build an ark

Just a short month ago, a large portion of our state was on fire. Now I am debating whether or not we need to build a dang ark.

Was I asking for this naming my son Noah?

We live in an area that is normally wet and when surrounding towns are dry and crispy, ours still has lush green grass. Even with the recent drought, we still had a pretty good looking yard. Now it looks like this:

The level of the water will shrink down to sludge if we manage to go a day without rain. Unfortunately, the weather forecast calls for MORE rain. Pretty sure we will begin construction of the ark in the the next week.

Anyone know where we can get two of each animal?

Also, any clue what to do with three little boys on summer vacation and trapped in the house?



Aunt Becky said...

We're having crazy rains here too. It's wild.

Lori said...

I don't know if you like to bowl but someone sent me info on kids bowling free all summer. You can sign you and your husband up too. All you have to pay for is shoes and they get 2 free games p/day. Other than that, I'd do lots of blank paper, games, maybe get something for them to make...Rain can be a terrible thing....Don't go crazy!

Tatiana said...

I am surprised that your boys aren't out there playing in the mud! I used to love big old rain puddles when I was a kid. Hehee :]

mom2nji said...

Our yard is now a swamp, we have snakes, frogs, and mosquitoes. No mans land now! Thanks for the bowling tip~