Saturday, September 27, 2008

Moving on...again

I was feeling really down and bitter yesterday and then I read a blog about someone who lost her 4.5yo son. My heart just shattered. The pain in her words was gut-wrenching. And I realized I need to buck up!
I am sooo sad about losing these babies but I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams with three adorable not-so-little-anymore boys. I am holding on to those blessings extra tight today.
To break me out of my funk even further, I took all three boys to Chucke Cheese and let them have the works Pizza, Soda (very rare treat) and TONS of tokens. It was flipping packed to the gills in there but everyone had a blast!
As I type this Jordan is chasing Isaiah with a toy bat and Isaiah is countering with Pokemon/kungfu panda attacks, it will be only matter of time before I have to rescue someone.
I am still sad I can't seem to stay pregnant but my arms are FAR from empty.

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