Sunday, September 7, 2008

Target, Publix and Albertsons, oh my!

I have been sooo busy this week! Sick kids, homework for mommy, and trying to make my house look like HUMANS live in it; rather than monkeys.
I was insane enough to take all three boys grocery shopping, to three different stores!!! I missed a few deals while child wrangling but did pretty darn good! Highlights include, prices are after coupons:
First stop Super Target. I wanted to do the poptart/keebler deal. Spent $5 oop and got the $5 gift card, which I used for transaction 2. Got easy mac bowls for .20 ea, .20 box of pasta,and a toilet seat cover spent $1 oop!
Next at Publix I grabbed 10 FREE boxes of hamburger helper, .10 frozen veggie steamers, .80 taco kits, and .75 buddies foaming hand soap, I spent 18.xx (most of it because I was sucked into the food display and bought the makings for italian sausage subs. They were sooo good!) and saved 45+!
And finally we went to Albertsons where I spurged a bit (I think sheer exhastion helped lol).69 cherrios, 3 lbs of boneless chicken tenders $4.45 were the best deals there. After picking up 2 packs of steaks, 2 ice creams, and other NON coupon yummys I spent $37 and saved $48.
For the week I was right on budget! A now have enough Hamburger Helper to feed a small island. I am so nuts that I didnt have time to do the break downs with coupons, but wanted to explain the free HH! It is on bogo for $1.95 and there are $1/1 peelies on the boxes and you can use one for every one you buy, so actually they paid me .25 to take them!! How awesome is that??

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