Monday, September 15, 2008

CVS deals

I thought this was a slow week but made out fairly well, free stuff is always good!
Picked up:
2 bottles of Purex Laundry Soap $2.99ea w/ $1 ECB ea and $1/2q
1 bottle of Tylenol RR $4.49 w/ $2 ECB and $2/1 q
1 Aleve D $3.99 w/ $3 ECB and $1/1 ip
2 Revlon Nail Polish on bogo used 2 $2/1q
1 3 pack Paper Towels $1.99 used $1/1 CVS printout
$2/10 CVS q
$1.48 oop after 9.99 ECBs
made 7 ECBs
I did it twice with my and Dh card so I am stocked on laundry soap and cold/pain meds for a while.
I didnt do the Excedrin deal because the were out!

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