Saturday, September 27, 2008

Publix Steals

This was by far my most successful Publix trip to date! I am really beginning to run out of room for all this food. I cant believe a few months ago I could not make $80 of groceries last a whole week! This week I spent a whopping $32oop, before sales and coupons my total was $199.xx. Just flipping amazing!
I was very stoked about this sale, I wasnt feeling well and looked forward to all the cheap or free frozen food.
Some of the highlights:

8 bags of Viola frozen skillet dinners bogo $4.99 used 8 $1.25/1 blinkie qs (right on the door of the freezer)

8 boxes Pillsbury toaster str. bogo $2.29 used 4 $1/2 (from a booklet that was in Publix a few weeks ago)

10 boxes of Hamburger Helper bogo $1.99 used 10 $1/1 peelies making them FREE

6 boxes of High fiber Quaker Oatmeal Bogo $3.79 used 6 $1/1 qs

6 boxes of instant Quaker Instant grits bogo $2.49 used 3 $1/2 qs

4 bags of Goodlife catfood bogo $4.49 used 4 $2/1 qs only $1 for 4 bags!!!

4 pack Dole fruit cups on bogo $2.39 (i think) used 2 $.75/2 qs

4 Green Giant frozen veggies on bogo used Target ip $1/1
(there were more qs avail for this but I couldnt find them)

I got some of the bogo Soup and a few other things but these were the best deals!
Have I mentioned I LOVE COUPONS???

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