Saturday, August 23, 2008

This weeks shopping Albertsons and Publix

I started at Publix this week for mostly the great deals on juicy and cherrios. I got:
6 V-8 Splashes on bogo
2 Juicy juices (lg bottles) on bogo
2 Motts apple juice bogo
4 Kens marinades bogo
2 Motts tots juice boxes not on bogo but I needed them for school
5 boxes of cherrios sale 1.99
i used
5 $1/1 cherrios ip
3 $1/2 v-8 spash
4 $1/1 Kens marinades
2 $1/2 Motts juice
2 $1/1 juicy juice ip
1 $1/2 Target juicy juice
1 publix $5/30
*I spent $12.01 and saved $50.43!! (i even got a WOW from the bag boy!)

On to Albertsons
10/10 deals
4 motts apple sauce 6 packs--used 2 .55/2q
10 Knoors pasta/rice sides--used 5 .75/2q
4 hunts pudding 4 pack-- 2 .30/2q
5 picsweet veg. steamers
1 lb carrots
cream cheese

2 lb baby red potatoes 2.99 bogo
3lb onions 2.49 bogo
3 yoplait whips 2/$1--used .60/2q
4 sun maid raisins 2/$3--used 2 $1/2q
3 packs ckn breast on sale .98 lb

*not on sale*
bag rice
pork chops
I also cashed in my rain checks for Deli meat and bread deal and totinos .88
2 loaves sara lee bread
2 hilshire farms deli ham all for $4.19
5 totinos pizza rolls --used 5 .35/1q
and finally used $5/50 albertsons q

**total 51.95 saved 62.xx!!
I went a little over my $60 goal but am stocked on juice and preschool snacks for months!
I am still new to this and want to thank www.moneysavingmomcom and for helping me through!

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Sarah R said...

Great job, Jenni! Your boys are adorable!!