Friday, July 1, 2011

A New Look

And no I don't mean my ever expanding belly, boobs, and nose...

I am no longer just a mom to three boys. I am a mom of three boys and soon to be a little girl. No, we weren't trying for a girl, we never were, but I am pretty damn happy about it. Little things that I never thought about keep popping up in my mind; daddy daughter dances, ballet classes, little pony tails, and tutus. I cried like a baby watching Cake Boss of all things, the other day, when he danced with his daughter at her first communion. Of course we aren't Catholic, but you get my point. Do I think Neil would have been a happy complete father without those moments? Of course, but my heart leaps when I think about him getting to have them. Just like I would have been fine getting pedicures alone forever, but now I will have a potential salon buddy.

Annnddd I am rambling. My whole point is my blog is changing. We wont be all the color blue and missing the toilet stories, though they will still be there. I am not sure it will stay as it is right now. But TADA!


Chibi said...

Woo! Looks great! :D


super sweet. looks fab