Friday, July 8, 2011

Week 26

I have been pretty lazy about keeping a pregnancy journal on here.
25 weeks
People warned me that being pregnant with a girl messes with your face. I was all NOOOO that just an old wives tale.... uh yeah notsomuch.

Things are still going pretty well.

Arabella is getting bigger and stronger all the time. When she kicks now, my belly jiggles like a bowl full of jelly. I look hella jolly.

I am feeling overall good. Still holding with weight loss of 18 lbs. I am tired and get winded from walking to the mail box, which hubby finds hilarious. This pregnancy in mid-thirties thing is nothing like pregnancy in your early 20's!

I go for another growth scan on Monday. I get really nervous about these. That positive NT test I had could also be an indication of placental issues, that can slow growth. She has been measuring on the smaller side with consistent growth, but I am trying not to worry since the boys were not exactly bruisers and hidden all this fluff is actually a tiny person. I am really hoping they let me catch a peek of her in 3d this time!

I still have to pinch myself a lot to know that this is real. That there is a baby inside of me kicking away. It's fantastic.


Three Cats and a Baby said...

You look wonderful!!!

jessi ♥ said...

Great pic!!! I feel ya on the bowl full of jelly front, my belly does that too every time THE HULK kicks it. Yeah, I've nicknamed him THE HULK because he beats the crap out of me already, at nearly 26 weeks. I actually am quite convinced he'll end up bruising some ribs by the end of this pregnancy!

Carol said...

You look great! So happy for you :)