Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why I Might Not have Sex for the Next 12 YEARS.

Last week I posted about being on the fence as far as the boys school situation. Well several things have happened since then.

First was progress reports, all three boys have straight A's. I am super proud of them all.

The second thing has my mind blown. Also not sure I am having sex again until my kids are in college.

Lately I have caught the boys whispering about sex. And quickly put a stop to it.
I am an extremely open person about sex and never really worried about talking to the boys about it, but I really wasn't ready to have the "talk" with them yet.
The other day one of the boys was eating a popcile and said, "I am totally having sex with this". I almost fell out of my chair.

After composing myself I demanded to know where he would have gotten such an idea...blank stare...He swore he didn't know where it came from.

I could delay no more, time to talk to them all. The baby is only five and really didn't think he was old enough, but my hand was forced. So I ask them what sex is...they all blush and say they know, but can't say it because it's too gross.
So I break it down. Using all the proper words and all.
And the baby looks at me and says, "yeah I know, they get naked, kiss, sometime a lady kisses a man's penis, then he puts it in her vagina". I wanted to cry. WHY DOES MY BABY KNOW THIS??

We limit their tv. We are careful what we watch when they are up. We keep our relations in the bedroom. He just came from a very conservative pre-k. I am at a loss. At first I assume the 2nd grader is hearing it from friends and sharing. But NOPE.

Turns out it's from the kindergartner's class! It is the same "friend" who has exposed himself to the class twice this year, who is sharing all this info. He also taught my son the word coochie. I will be calling the teacher on Tuesday. I hate to be "that" mom, but I don't want my kids near this one. I kinda thought he was making up the kid stripping in class, since the teacher never sent a note home or anything, but he sticks to that story and now this...

After I talked to the boys about the importance of NOT telling their friends about this info, because not all mommies want their kids to know. And that sex is for adults, little kids should not be talking about it. And of course, if they ever have a question to ask me or daddy.

And just when I think this is over for now, kid #2 looks at me and says, "SO THAT'S WHAT YOU AND DAD WERE DOING WHEN I WALKED IN YOUR ROOM THAT TIME???!?!?"

And then I died.

*Wanted to add, I am not making light of this, I am heartbroken that my sons' innocence has been shattered. But a little comedy is how I survive.


Lauren (@solstice621) said...

First of all, Yay for the straight A's!! Second of all...oh dear. Part of me feels like "I can't believe he heard it in Kindergarten!" and the other part is not surprised at all with what I have been hearing from my own Kindergartener. The real scary part is what are they learning or hearing about and NOT telling us? At least you were presented with the fact that they knew about it and then you could address it.
Definitely talk to the teacher - I don't think that makes you "that" mom.

Lu said...

Oh Jenni, part of me just died for you girlfriend. I can't believe He busted out with that.
I am also shocked by the Isaiah's classmate! You should not feel bad about being 'that' mom, kids that age should not be talking like that. Frankly I am concerned for him. He's exposing himself and now this? Seems off to me. It's best for everyone that you bring it up, really.
But oh BOY(S) do you have your hand full mama!

fidget said...

if stripper kid is indeed the source of the Kindy's sex ed something is MAJORLY wrong in the child's life. I hope the teacher takes that in and responds accordingly (like by reporting it)

thepsychobabble said...

I think I'm with fidget. I'd be worried that something is going on. (I mean, maybe not. My dtr once stripped in 4K down to tights and a tshirt because she was "too hot"....)
but the stripping plus the knowledge would at least be a red flag, imho:(
I'm so sorry J.

Sarah R said...

I'm not one bit surprised by this.

Peggy said...

It is hard to believe that just 5 months ago I was worried about the boys in my class saying "potty" words. And now my star student knows more than he should. I am so sorry you have had to deal with this so soon. But as always you have handled it with grace and charm. Way to go Mom.

starZship said...

Oh give your boys the "talk". Even if you feel uncomfortable discussing it and they feel uncomfortable... Or have your husband or significant other talk to them (I don't know your marital status). Believe me, they probably know a lot already, or enough, about sex. The talk can be funny too. I had the discussion with my daughter in her teen years. If you don't, someone else will.