Friday, October 8, 2010

On the Fence

I have always been a huge supporter of public school. Hell I am/was even an education student, who had every intention of teaching in a public elementary school. As you know I have had a few struggles with Noah's education in the past and the recent bullying issue with Jordan. And now Isaiah is struggling.

Let me first say, I am not a delusional parent about my kids, they are FAR from perfect. But Isaiah is a REALLY good, easy going kid. In all of preschool he was only on yellow (warning) once or twice. He has been on yellow 3 times this WEEK! The reasons? Are refreakingdiculous. The first time he spoke to a friend. GASP. Yesterday he was on yellow for pretending to tickle a classmate with a feather. You read that right, PRETENDING. Have I mentioned he is FIVE and in the first months of kindergarten? I understand the need for order in the classroom. And the so-called-zero-tolerance-bullying-policy calls for NO touching. EVER. No hugs. No high five. No handshaking. Nothing. But really? It's bad enough there is no talking at lunch in their assigned seats and no recess, when are they supposed to be getting this socialization that I hear is supposed to happen in public school?

The other issue, Isaiah is VERY ahead of what they are learning right now. He finishes the work in 1/4 the time of most of the kids. He is just plain bored.

Recently I have been debating home school. I am really not sure I have the patience.

I really don't know what to do.

I am just not sure if the rigid public school environment is the place for them.

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Sarah R said...

They're in the process of training Isaiah to be a robot. Since when do 5 year olds not speak at lunch? That is awful!
Home school. Do it. I wish I could, but my kids are nearly done with school and it would be ridic at this point.