Monday, October 25, 2010

If you dont have something nice to say...

Remember I said in my last post that we should keep talking to stop ignorance? Turns out that only applies to some people, others should actually just shut up.

Friday after school, I took the kids and dog to the doggy park, we were having a great time watching Milo roll in the dirt dust with a pit bull and jack russell. The jack russell was freaking INSANE. The pit? Was the sweetest dog. Isaiah spent most of the time playing fetch with her.

We were there about an hour when a woman walked in, she was uh interesting right off the bat. Obviously wealthy, she had WAYY too much plastic surgery. The icing on the cake was seeing her nipple ring through her very tight tank top. Did I mention she was like 60?

Immediately she hones in on the pit and demands to know who the owner is. The young guys speaks up, she begins to berate him without any pretense. Explaining that she doesn't think pits belong at the dog park and asks if the dog have ever attacked anyone. I step in and tell her the dog is a sweet mush and that my kids have been playing with her the whole time.

Then her ignorance just shines through...

She whips her head up and realizes that the only kids at the park are brown and looks at me again. "THOSE kids are yours????" To which I replied, "yep all them brown ones be mines" (insert dripping sarcasm). Her reply, "ohhh well I TRY not to judge." Took everything in me not to smack her.

She continues on her anti-pit tirade, sneaking in insults about them almost constantly. The owner was a sweet guy and continued to be polite.

The kicker?

When her dog finally came over to our side of the park, it was clear to see HER FREAKING DOG WAS AT LEAST HALF PIT! When we asked her about it she said noooo, she is just a mutt. Uh NO.


Lu said...

OMG people are MORONS. I am SO sorry that she was so rude when referring to your sweet babies. I am surrounded everywhere I go in Naples, with plastic women just like her.
The whole pit bull thing really gets me fired up. I won't write a novel about it here, but I just can't stand that mentality.
I am a huge dog lover. Have been around dog breeding my whole childhood and now have my own dogs. I have had many breeds, all large (the little ones are nuts), and some of them would be considered aggressive. I have seen the sweetest dog attack and the meanest dog give nothing but love. It happens. That's why when people ask me if my dog bites, I say "he has teeth, so I guess it's possible."
I guess I can be a little sarcastic at times. Heh.

The Lady of the House said...

BTW, you're Jenni. I'm Jenni. You have three boys. I have three boys. Mine are pale as heck though ;)
Just found you through Beth at Folding Laundry. Can't wait to read more.