Saturday, August 21, 2010

Adventures in Moving

Packing, cleaning, and painting oh my...sonofamonkeysuncle I never want to freaking move again.

The actual moving day was exhausting, but it went pretty well, thanks to family helping a lot.

And because I have OCD(I really do) I HAD TO UNPACK THE ENTIRE HOUSE within 24 hours. The next day, I had to hang every picture. After that we got to go back to the old house and clean and paint for several days.

THEN, when we schlepped back to the new house sweating like roofers, the neighbor "kindly" suggested we cut the grass, like NOW. One of the awesome things about this house is the huge back yard, it's like a football field. But with a 107 degree index, cutting it was going to kill my hubby, so I tried to help. Stupid idea. As soon as I turned on the self propelled, my knee dislocated. It took me a few seconds to send the message to by brain to let go of the damn mower. Adding that to the fractured toe and sliced open hand and I am VERY hurty right now. The house looks great now, so it was worth it.

If you noticed I was quiet, it was because during all this, I had no internet. Yesterday the installer was due to come between 3 and 5. At 4:55 I was beginning to freak out, because OMG another day without internet and I would go insane. But just as I called the company he rang the bell.

He was here until 10:30 PM. During that time we discovered a wet spot in the living room under the a/c which caused panic. Thank goodness the handy man is my dad! He figured out that the water was coming from the back of the freezer, the ice machine hose had split so we had to turn the water to the house off. This is important because, the cable man DROPPED A FREAKING DEUCE in the bathroom and couldn't flush.
Which EWWW. But, hey, shit happens. What really skeeved me out was finding him SITTING in my bed. Like where I SLEEP! The internet hook up, which was not working, is in my room, so he was in there for hours, but dude, there was a CHAIR in the room. WHY was he sitting in my bed? Also he turned off my ceiling fan. Make yourself at home dude. He finally figured out the problem at 10:30, but it was too late to fix it. We had the pleasure of him returning at 7 am today. But I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET! Yay.

I hope this make sense because I am so damn tired. Pics of the house to come soon.


Sarah R said...

Honestly, Jenni, I'm a Christian woman, and I think I probably would have told that neighbor WHERE TO GO. You were moving! Lawn can WAIT. Especially in that heat. I surely hope that is not a sign of neighbor issues in the future. It makes for funny posts but not real life.

Roxy said...

I know your pain. Moving is exhausting!

Hope Scout said...

I dunno where to start. Cable man on bed = very, very freaky. Girl, you need someone to come love you up and take care of you. I'm sorry for all your's painful to read, it's gotta kill to experience them. I'm with Sarah too, that neighbor can go fark themselves..scuse my french, but for real, yo. S