Monday, June 28, 2010

The Perfect Evening

Normally, we head out to the beach in the morning, fight for a place to park, then fight for a place to set up camp on the busy beach. We last about 2 hours in the scorching sun and head home sticky and sweaty. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE the beach, but this week we wanted to try something different.

We left around 4pm, got to the beach at 4:45 and found the parking lot empty. It was still pretty warm and the beach as sprinkled with a few families. We swam, played in the sand, and took a zillion pictures until sunset. After a bbq dinner from a little hole in the wall place and ice cream from a little shop that I have been going to since I was a kid, we rode home with the sunset on one side of us and the moon rising on the other, singing along with the radio at the top of our lungs. Feeling nothing, but bliss.

They are growing so fast, I want to take these moments and freeze them.

Noah's Jump
super heroes


Sarah R said...

Did you go to Frozen Gold!?! I love that place!

mom2nji said...

oh yes frozen gold!

Mandy Barrett said...

Great pictures, Jenni! I love the jumping ones!

Hope Scout said...

Wow, your photos are kick-ass! I love the hair cuts too. The second one down from the top and the second one up from the bottom are my favorites. The brilliant colors and their poses on the buckets blow me away. These pics are truly, truly spectacular. You go, girl! What's your secret to the motion shots? Miss talking to you SO much! What's new, Miss J? Lots of love, woo222

Kristin said...

Great shots woman!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni,
I found your "beautiful" blog well I was reading your comment that you left on Kelle Hampton's blog. Your comment compelled me to write to you because I have two boys and that is EXACTLY how I feel when that earning for a little girl comes into play...I too feel those little pangs-I won't plan a wedding, hold her hand when she has a baby, go for pedicures and share girl time...your comment touched me deeply as I was just casually reading it-grabbed my heart, had a little tear but then just as quickly as it grabbed me...I moved on, as you said. Because we do move on, and celebrate the gifts we've been given and all the little moments that come with them!! We can't wallow in what we don't have-this is it baby-CELEBRATE!!!
I'm new at this blogging thing-don't have one for myself but soon will because it's great having chats with women around the globe that are going through the same experiences.
I also felt connected to you because for the last 15 years (on & off) I've worked closely with families and their children with autism. Those beautiful kids, through their challenges and accomplishments, have truly been my greatest teachers in this thing we call life-they have taught me what truly matters-as I'm sure you understand.
Well before i babble on any more...thank you for your comment-you have a great blog, FABULOUS pictures and GORGEOUS boys!!!

Love the pirate face-I have two pirates living with me at the moment-Mad Dog Matt (9) and Zippity Zach (6)!! Love Love Love my boys!!!

Monique Pearce
From Calgary, AB, Canada

mom2nji said...

Thank you Monique! I have been at this for about two years and Kelle inspired me to write about positive moments more often. I LOVE having boys! Those pangs come and go, but I figure if I am a kick butt mother in law, I will get to do some of that stuff!

Anonymous said...

That's my plan too!!-be a kick-in-the-butt-mother- in-law!!!
My second son was just a baby when we were at a friends wedding and the Dad was dancing with his daughter and everyone was feeling the love- Bride dancing with her Dad (the traditional Father/daughter dance). Then, I watched as the groom went and grabbed his Mama's hand and danced with her-WOW! did the tears just start flowing from my eyes!! One day, I'll be that Mama, dancing with HER boy on HIS BIG day!!!
Cheers to you!!