Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Getaway and Eleven Years

Yesterday was our 11th wedding anniversary. All the fantastical I said about our marriage last year, are still true. We have faced a few more trials, had some more fun, and love each other even more than we did before.

To celebrate and to take a break from all the stress, we joined my sister and her best friends family for a beach weekend. We stayed at a little family hotel on Daytona Beach. The kids swam, ran in the sand, pigged out on bbq and had a blast.

I LOVE this picture
After we thought the kids had fallen sleep, my sister came to babysit them and let us walk on the beach. It was incredible. The beach was very dark and peaceful we sat in the sand and listened to the waves, the only lights were the stars and a Ferris wheel in the distance. There was smooching, hand holding, slow dancing to the sound of the ocean and lots of general mushy love stuff. It was freaking amazing.
Of course we returned to our room to find three wide awake boys jumping on beds.

Ahem. Auntie Mandy is not a the best at discipline. But the time alone was worth it. Seriously, thank you sis.

We drove home today, relaxed, happy, sandy, and tired. Awesome weekend.


Woo222 said...

Yay!!! Happy belated anniversary to you and N! I'm glad you did something special and fun! You two are so sweet and adorable together :) BBQ *drool* Eleven years, man. That's really an achievement!! It's kinda funny that the boys were jumping on the beds when you got back, lol, but I hope you and N get a chance to finish what you started ;) As always, I'm loving your pics. Love you!

Sarah R said...

How precious. Just goes to prove you married yourself an awesome man. That's a lot of trials and tribulations in 11 short years. Here's to many more years of happiness together.

Mandy Barrett said...

Happy anniversary jen. I love you so much. I am glad that you had a good time!