Friday, May 22, 2009

So Ready for the School Year to End

I am once again preparing to face off with Noah's teachers. Noah has been having a difficult time and has had several "slip" days in a row. I knew this was coming, it happened at the end of last school year. He knows his life is about to be changed and as per usual for an autistic child, he is FREAKING out!

In response to this freak out his teachers, who are trained to deal with autistic children, press him harder. When he wont sing the days of the week in morning circle, they make him SIT there ALL day, until he will. No specials, no fun, no other lessons.

Obviously, this is not cool. We have gone through this at least 10 times in the last two years. I call a meeting, we reset his behavior plan, and things are great...for a while. Then they slip back into trying have a stalemate with an autistic child. This DOES NOT WORK. Instead Noah comes home HYPER and freaking out because he has been berated all day.

Last year Noah was not allowed to take part in field day because he was not working hard enough. I understand the teacher is trying to motivate him, but he isn't a regular kid and like I said it isn't working.

Field day is next Friday, I called his teacher to inform her I wanted him to take part, even if he is struggling. She informed me that wasn't my call to make, if he doesn't meet her quota, he will not play.

I am wondering if its even worth calling another meeting? There are nine days left.
If it looks like they will be punishing him on Friday, I just won't send him.
The real kicker there is a 90% chance, he will have the same teaching team next year.

So what do I do? Am I undermining the teachers by not punishing him for going catatonic, when his teachers put pressure on him?


fidget said...

you know where I stand! I think you should go visit the other schools with autism programs and then go register with the school choices office.

Some1s_sista said...

I agree with fidget, it sounds like they're not listening to you and definately not doing anything to benefit your beautiful boy. My Son is only in pre-school, and so far we have been blessed with patient and understanding teachers. I hope this isn't what we have to look forward to as he gets older. I'm surprised that someone whose "trained" to work with Auties doesn't know you never win a stand off with an autistic child! Not in my house at least ;)
I think I would start looking for another program if its at all possible.

Sarah R said...

Aim higher. Go for the principal. Be a bitch. It works for me on a regular basis.

fidget said...

unfortunately, our school principal is not a fan of special needs students. She thinks she can force them to be "normal". i dont know how much good it will do but talking to her should be a stop on the train if you want him to stay at the same school

Aunt Becky said...

I think that your teachers are being nasty to him. I like the idea of going to the principal. Noah can't help the way he behaves about certain things (like my Ben) but that doesn't mean he should be punished. That's cruel.