Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Think I Should Just Start Over.

Notice I haven't been posting any deals?
I am ashamed to admit, I have no coupons clipped. NONE, zero,zip, zlich.
I am overwhelmed with the giant stack of unclipped coupons sitting on my counter. I went through them and sadly threw away all the expired/wasted ones and the stack is still huge. I did dig through and find my YOGO qs and got some super cheap at Publix.
So here is my dilemma, should I just start over? Start clipping this weeks coupons and organize those and try to get back on track that way? Or take 3 days out of my life to clip and organize a zillion coupons, possibly losing my mind in the process?
Last week I bought a TON of meat on sale at Albertson's so I didn't need any coupons, but we are finally starting to run out of cereal and pasta. I need to get on track.
Anyone have any great deals to get me excited? Or any ideas on getting organized. PLEASEEE.
I have finally recovered from the stress of last week, only to have the littlest get sick tonight.
Seems like I will never catch up, but that's life as a mom!

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Lee W. said...

I would maybe do a quick go hrough of your stack of inserts and clip the coupons you know or are pretty sure you might use (either because it's a good coupon, item usually goes on sale, or just an item you buy reguardless).