Friday, December 19, 2008

Simple Holidays

HA! Right?
I am going my darnest to create a stress free peaceful Christmas for our family. Not such an easy feat when your budget is so tight its screaming for air and your family is a little crazy.
I try to be thrifty in every situation I can manage, but I have never been one to bake. That is until recently. If you had told me last Christmas I would be making candy and baking goodies for everyone; I would have check for fever. But alas in my hunt for frugality and better overall living, I have quickly learned the ropes. I make a mean banana muffin and yummy bread.
For my sons' teachers I made candy! Between the three boys there are 6 teachers (Noah has 4). I saved a ton of money, and devouring some of the Buckeyes was mighty relaxing. I also made peppermint bark. I cheated on the both, making them even easier by microwaving the chocolate!
We have been uber crafty around these parts too!
Making dough ornaments, picture cards (which I hand delivered), and homemade cookies.
I shopped on Black Friday and was DONE.
Now less than a week before the big day, I am in relax mode!
The gifts are wrapped, the food is done, the house is festive and I am CALM.
After all nothing is more peaceful, calming or relaxing to me than not breaking the bank to have a wonderful holiday!

How about you? What are you doing to relax and enjoy the holidays? Parent Blogger Network and Families for Depression Awareness want to know.

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