Saturday, December 6, 2008

Grocery Shopping without Coupons

GASP!!! Well it wasn't totally coupon free I had 7 coupons. I didnt see anything on Publix bogo sale that we needed and the coupon matchps were not great. Albertsons sale on the other hand was great despite the lack of coupon matchups. This week's flyer had a $5/50q in it too.
I have noticed in the time since I have been at this "frugal" thing, my cooking and shopping habits have changed! Having a pretty good stock pile of cereal, pasta, and side dishes allows me to buy more fresh fruits and veggies and ingredients to bake from scratch more often and still stay within a reasonable budget.
This weeks highlights at Albertsons were:
Whole chickens $1 lb
Chicken Breasts $1 lb
Red Globe grapes $1 lb
ripe bananas .39 lb (used these to make muffins)
food coloring sale $1.49 used $1/1 q
Birdseye frozen veggies $1ea used .35/1 qs
Sara lee bread $1
2 lb bags of powdered sugar $1.09
These were the best deals I picked up all together I spent $49. Over my normal budget, but not near the $80 I used to spend on a tight week.
I also got my brother groceries for the week in this trip.
I am really hoping to get back to the huge deals at Publix soon!


Karen said...

I have some weeks too where the coupons just don't help, but like you said, you're still saving more than you used to spend! Good Job!

PS Can you send me your addy again for the CVS gift card, I somehow deleted it! opps!

frugalrimama at

Sarah R said...

Do you get your coupons from the paper, or do you print them online?

mom2nji said...

I get most from the paper, I buy at least 2.
I love internet printables but I keep running out of ink!
If I uses an internet printable I will usually put IP next to it.