Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hearing your child scream this at the top of their lungs in the middle of the night is enough to make any mom's blood run cold. The other night I woke up to Jordan SCREAMING "MMMOOOOMMM" like there was an ax murderer in our house.
My dh and I flew out of bed and raced down the hall and this is the conversation that followed (after we flipped on the lights and look around frantically).
Dh: What's wrong??
Jordan: Noah is making pig noises and I can't sleep.
Me: PIG NOISES??? (thinking WTF??)
Jordan: Yes pig noises and I cant sleep.
DH: uh ok??
Noah: (popping his head from under blanket)The pig noises are LOUD mommy.
I hear a weird noise and it gets louder (almost pig sounding).
And then our cat runs out from under the boys bunk bed after hoarking up a huge hair ball.
After to explaining to both boys that there was NOT a pig in their room, DH and I crawled back to bed. Only in our house!

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Jenny said...

Your story made me laugh. There's no way kids can understand the years they take off our lives with silly stunts that temporarily stop our hearts! Glad you didn't have to wrangle a wild piggy in the middle of the night though.