Sunday, December 21, 2008

I really LOVE CVS

A year ago, heck 6 months ago I'd never shopped at CVS. Really, never! I thought it was too expensive, roflol. Now its my favorite place to shop. If you hadn't noticed I love shopping, and CVS lets me do that for FREE! This week is chuck full of freebies! Due to the holidays and the fact that I have to sit on my freezing playroom floor to use my laptop (long story, I did not get to plan things out as well as usual. But did score:

Transaction 1:
1 Complete Multi Purpose Solution sale $8.99
used $1/1
earned $8.99 in ECBS
Paid with $7.99 in ECBS

Transaction 2:
2 Sally Hansen Nail Polish sale $5.99 ea
used $3/2 CVS q from Inventing Beauty Mag
Earned ECBs 5.99 for each
1 Excedrin express sale $3.99
earned 3.99 ECBs
1 Loreal Eye Shadow sale $6.99
used $1/1 q
earned 6.99 ECBs
Also used $4/20 CVS q
and 10.99 in ECBS
$2.48 on Gift Card (I won)

Transaction 3:
1 Sleepinal sale $8.49
Earned 8.49
1 Loreal Eye Shadow sale $6.99
(same as above)
1 trial size First Aid kit .99
used $1/1q
Listerine sale $2.99
used $1/1 CVSq from Diabetes book instore
earned 2.99ECBs
cashews .99
Paid with ECBs from last trans.
.48 on gift card.

Transaction 4,5,6
Sleepinal sale $8.49
Earn 8.49
pay with 8.49 in ECBs
I did this 3 times.
whoo hooo I have lots of sleep aid! Which I actually need!


Fidget said...

nice Job!

Kelly and Philip said...

I agree, CVS is a great place to shop. I didn't shop there until about a month ago. I have to say you inspired me to go and save money. I work with your sister and she would tell me all the time about how much money you save by couponing.

Happy Holidays,