Thursday, December 15, 2011

WTF Happened to Compassion?

This subject is painful and personal for me, so I am going to get ranty and leap up on a soap box.

I am talking about the Duggars and the insane comments I am reading about their pregnancy loss.I have actually had to unfriend a few people in the last few days over this. The comments are sickening.

If you read my blog, you know I was in the same place she is almost 5 years ago. I lost a baby at the same gestation. For those of you who didnt know Michelle Duggar was almost 20 weeks with what turned out to be a little girl, when she found out her baby passed away. She ended up delivering the baby at home.

Reading comments like the vicious ones aimed at the family takes me back to the pain I went through. You arent just sad, you don't love your other children any less by grieving this loss, your world is shattered.

I had three children when I lost Kai, it didnt make the pain any less. I would imagine having 19 wouldn't make it any less painful either. To comment that this was a warning from God or that her body is telling her no more, is just plain bullshit.

Pregnancy loss (and for the love of God, this was NOT a miscarriage) can happen to any mother, at any time. I went on to have 5 more losses before being blessed with Arabella. Thank God no one else gets a say in my fertility.

Maybe you don't agree with the Duggars' choices, and that is fine, this is a free country. But when a family is grieving the loss of their child, just say "I am sorry" and shut the hell up.

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Sarah R said...

YES. I am over how awful and rude people can be to others when they don't agree with their own personal choices!