Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Month Old

She is wiggling in my arms as I type, I could get drunk from just smelling her little head. I sit snuggled with her most of the day. When I am not holding her, daddy is.
Nursing is going amazingly well. I love her happy gulps followed by her contented sighs. I love that she has gained almost 3lbs in four weeks, purely on what she is getting from me.
Sweet little Bella has brought joy, so so much joy. My heart is so full it could burst, the sky is bluer, the sun warmer, everything is wonderful.
I look back now on all the losses, the pain, the scary pregnancy, and it was all worth it.
I am so very thankful for our little miracle.


Sarah R said...

And I think we're all blessed, knowing your story. It took a lot of courage to share it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sarah.
And I'm so happy for you, that your dream finally came true.

mozgirl1 said...

She is lovely -