Tuesday, August 2, 2011

29 weeks and summer break is almost over

I am thanking God for both of these things. Arabella is growing and getting strong! Her kicks shake my whole body and as my ultrasound yesterday she weighs 2lbs 14oz. I am hoping and praying she continues to grow at this pace.

I had a little scare with cramping and contracting that ended me in l&d. There were concerns about her heart rate and fluid, but the ultrasound cleared them up pretty quickly. I am on vistaril for the contractions, which makes me sleepy and semi-drunk and antibiotics for the uti that they think caused all of this to start. I was also diagnosed with an irritable uterus, something I had with Jordan and Isaiah, which contributed to them coming early. The p-17 shots are keeping my cervix long and closed for now and that is a good thing. I am supposed to be taking it easy, something that doesnt exactly happen when 3 boys are home from school.

Speaking of school... THEY GO BACK in less than 2 weeks. YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!
Not that I don't love having my boys home and spending time with them, but mama is TIRED. Also I can't keep feeding them at the rate I am. Our grocery bill has gone up HUNDREDS a month over this summer. They eat like shipwrecked pirates. All. The. Time. I am not going to lie, so do I. I can't believe how hungry I am this around. I keep going up and down .5 lbs, but basically I am down 21 lbs for pregnancy despite eating 10 meals a day.

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