Thursday, October 1, 2009

And the Party Continues

I am now down with the swine flu too. Which comes at a great time, since I have a test in school today and there are no retakes and no make ups. I can't find contact info on my professor anywhere, so I am going to have to don a oh so sexy mask to go in to tell him I have the pig plague. Knowing what a douchenoozle this guy is, I will probably have to take it tonight. I also have an outline due for a speech (oddly enough on the swine flu) and a test on Monday. I can only laugh, because at this point? It is that or fall into a sobbing ball of goo.


Called the school. I am NOT to go in even with a mask. Left message for professor.


Jamie said...

Oh no! I'm sorry! I hope you feel better. My son has it and it feels like I'm getting it too.

Sarah R said...

I'm glad SCC finally came to their senses!

Woo222 said...

Oh wow, lady, your life is so packed full. I don't know how you do it. I bow at your feet! I hope you feel better soon, this is wretched for you. :( And the douche-inator professor? If he was anything other than accomodating to you, you should go cough on the doorknob to his office. ~Susan

Aunt Becky said...

Good LORD. Hang in there. Feel better soon!