Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grocery Deal Match Ups

Because of my messed up knee I am sad to admit we have been living on convience foods. Daddy's been cookin! I can (sort of) get around on my crutches again, so armed with with coupons I plan to hit Publix and Albertsons.

First stop will be Albertsons. The front of their weekly flyer from the paper was covered in AWESOME store coupons:
.99 oj, cheese, and bacon
.79 bread
1.99 purex
.29 yogurt
are just a few things I plan on getting...

Then off to Publix.
The best deals of the week for me is
Starkist SeaSations Fish Fillets on sale for $5.99 bogo
use 2 $3/1 qs making them free!!
*on a side note these are really yummy!
Red Potatoes sale $1.97 bag
Target ip $1/1
Teddy Grahams $2.99 bogo
2 Target ip $1/1
Scrubbing Bubbles sale $2.99 bogo
2 $1/1qs
Rice a Roni $1.75 bogo
Poptarts $2.39 bogo
Gogurt $2.79 bogo
$1/2 q
I believe there is a great deal in the Glade candle bogo $3.49 but I already used my coupons!
Happy shopping and please pray I dont fall off my crutches.


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

I took advantage of the cheap Starkist Seasations and Scrubbing Bubbles too!!! I love Publix! :)

mom2nji said...

I love those starkist! I ended up $4 below my $60 budget this week, I was very happy!