Thursday, July 18, 2013

Four Kids One Doc

Over the summer I like to get all the check ups out of the way, then we don't have to worry about missing school to get them done. Last week it was the dentist. All four kids had their teeth cleaned, even Bella! Isaiah needed a filling, but otherwise we were cavity free. We have a fabulous dentist and luckily the appointment was not traumatic.

On Monday we took the boys for their physicals and Bella for an iron recheck. I was a nervous wreck about Bella's iron. Her previous pediatrician WAY overreacted to her being anemic (which was easily explained by the fact that she still nurses a lot and isn't a fan of food) and he ordered a LOT of blood work, including bone marrow function! They gave her iron drops and said if she didn't improve in two months she would need even more testing. We ended up switching back to our old doctor after many issues with the new one. Thank goodness, he only wanted to do a finger poke and said if her levels looked fine that would be the end of it. I was SO relieved her levels were a little high and now we can stop the drops and worrying!

As for the boys, whoa. While it is easier to get everyone done at once, it was confusing. Three preteen boys in their undies crammed into one room, with a yelling toddler and two parents. They asked that we both be there so they could do two rooms, but at the last minute decided to do one. It was very assembly line style. Fingers poked, hearing tests, bp and weight checks, urine..ect. Except that since all three of them look alike, the nurses kept getting confused who was who! Then the doc saw them all one by one. It was like the three little bears; oldest boy is a little heavy, middle is just right, and youngest is small. Overall everyone was healthy and growing like weeds. Though some were told to lay off the ice cream lol.

Next week eye doctor. But then we are done til dental cleanings in December, well and Bella's two year checkup in September (cry 2?!).

I wonder how even bigger families handle all this?

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