Monday, July 15, 2013

Back in the Saddle

I have been feeling the draw to blog again. Though I think there will be some changes in the type of blogging I do. For so long this was where I vented and shared the pain of pregnancy loss and infertility. However my baby making days are behind me now. I am blessed with four amazing kids and will of course share about them, the trials and triumphs of having a large family. I am also planning on sharing money saving tips, since we live on a tiny budget! There will also be an occasional (or more than that) rants about politics and equality. And lastly, I am one of those hippie moms I never imagined I would be...breastfeeding a toddler, organic food, cloth diapers, delayed vaccines, attachment...the whole granola shebang, so there will be elements of that as well. Lets see if I can stick to the plan to write again!
bonus Bella picture!

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