Sunday, September 4, 2011

34 weeks ALMOST THERE!

For a long time 34 weeks has been a mental goal for me, if we could just get there, I was convince we could get to 36 possibly 37 weeks.

Here we are 34 weeks!

She scared me again last week, by failing an NST. Thankfully she aced her biophysical profile and follow up NST. She seems to be growing right on tract still and my drinking horrifying amounts of water has worked because my fluid went from 8, to 12, back to 15 again!

I lost back three of the pounds I gained last week, the doctors are really happy with the fact that I have maintained a level of loss and not gained. I have to admit it's pretty cool to still have my wedding rings on and be able to see the bones in my feet at almost 9 months!

Arabella is head down and working her way lower by the day, my slight waddle has turned into a full blown waddle/shuffle. I SHOULD be off of modified bed rest and pelvic rest next weekend! It's been a long 3 months, TOTALLY worth it, but it will be nice to ehem...resume normal activities.

Her movements are so different now, there are still pokes, kicks, and hiccups, but added in now are feet sticking out, and shift that make my whole body shake! I love every minute of it! Though I can't wait to get her safely into the world and in my arms, I am trying to savor this time, knowing this is MOST DEFINITELY THE LAST TIME I WILL EVER BE PREGNANT.

The boys are getting more excited, they love feeling her move. Noah asks constantly, "What is Arabella doing now?", he also makes sure I feed her plenty so she can grow.

We are about to put her car seat in the van so we aren't caught off guard if she does come early (learned from experience, trying to help hubby lock in a seat 2 days after a csection is PAINFUL and since I am the one who took the installation classes, I have to help!). It's a little mind blowing that if she comes when Jordan did, she would be here is SIX DAYS! Isaiah was only a week after that.

Deep breaths.


Heather said...

She is going to be So loved! I can't wait to "meet" her!

Keep stepping over the snakes too, OK? ;)


Brittney said...

thats awesome i know you cant wait until you get to hold her :D

Sarah R said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait to see make such beautiful children! SQUEEEEEE!