Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have seem to have neglected this blog lately. It's too hard to put into word the place I am in right now. The baby is still hanging in there. I still feel horrible, which is awesome, no really it is. We have had a few scares with spotting on and off, but another ultrasound this week confirmed the baby looks great and it growing.

I ordered a Doppler online. This could go one of two ways, it will bring me peace or make me a nervous wreck! (Yeah, I know, like making me MORE of a wreck is possible!) It should be here tomorrow. Yay for ebay.

I have to take it really easy because of the small bleed I have, moving around too much causes the spotting.

Two more weeks until I can stop the progesterone and then three until I have my NT scan. Hopefully after that I can finally relax.

The kids are on spring break and we are doggy sitting for my dad. There are two giant ass labs humping in my living room right now. It's craziness!


Anonymous said...

:) Congrats! Sending you lots of love and I love the pumpkin hat. Also, the mental image of two labs humping in your living room made me spray a mouthful of Mountain Dew everywhere. :D Susan

Rebekah said...

I was reading your earlier post about why you don't keep pregnancy a secret before 12 weeks and it got me thinking about my friend, who is newly pregnant but scared to get excited or tell anyone because her mom had 2 miscarriages (and gave birth to two healthy girls as well). I don't want to downplay her right to be cautious and even anxious but I do think it's important to celebrate and get excited (!) because the fear never ends in motherhood - something can always go wrong even after they are born - life is so fragile. So anyway, congratulations! Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!