Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Never a Dull Moment-Beach Edition

We have been at the beach every weekend this summer. It's been too hot to do anything else! Bella LOVES it. She squeals when she sees the ocean and loves to splash. She isn't even afraid of big waves. This weekend we were able to see dolphins up close!

As cool as it was, we had a huge scare on the way back! We had all waded out to a sandbar to watch the dolphins, they are only feet from us! We were all able to walk out there easily, but when we headed back it had gotten WAY deeper. Neil cant swim and it was over his head, he almost killed my sister. My friend almost went under with her son and I was swimming my ass off and not getting anywhere with Noah and Jordan, I think we were caught in a rip. Luckily my friends hubby got their baby and Bella to safety and raced back for Neil. I was able to remain calm (rare for me) and the boys and I swam to shore. As native Floridians, we should have KNOWN better! The water was deceptively glassy and was shallow. I will never take a risk like that again. We were RIGHT in front of the life guard several members of our group were screaming and the guard never moved! I have always had a false sense of security thinking they could save us if we were to run into trouble in the water..not anymore.

We will still go back this weekend, but will not be wading out very far at all!

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