Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not so Wordless Wednesday: Boo Boo, the Story

So how did this happen??
We were leave the mall follow a (rare) wonderful shopping trip. All three boys were in good moods and had behaved like angels the whole time. As we prepare to exit JCPenney my littlest Isaiah, just barely three at the time, was lagging behind. I called to him to hurry it up and then I heard it..."BAM! SMACK! THUD!". As I turned around, I heard someone else scream, and I saw my little peanut laying flat on his back bleeding profusely from his head. Dh and I ran to him, before my fat ass got to him, dh had swept him up in his arms. Isaiah was conscious and whimpering, but in shock. I heard other customers FREAKING out around us. I did my best to examine the wounds, he was bleeding so much, but I could tell he was cut clean to the bone in the worst wound.

You know, how it is in moments like this, time seems to slow down. I manage to put together that he had run into a metal table, with sharp edges, placed SMACK DAB in the middle of the exit aisle. NO ONE working in the store offered to help. There were several employees standing nearby and they had witnessed what happened. I frantically searching for something to stop the flow of blood. Finally, a customer came to my rescue. She literally shoved the cashier out of the way and dug under the register for paper towels.

With the paper towels we were able to slow the bleeding. Then I realized we had to get him to the ER. I panicked again...should we call 911? Or drive him ourselves? In his state there was no way we were buckling him into the car seat.

We made the decision to drive, since it had already been a few minutes and he didn't seem to be in immediate danger. As we pulled out, I saw an After Hours Pediatrics in the adjacent parking lot. They were awesome and quick to care to him. After washing him down (he was COVERED in blood), numbing the wound, and giving him a Popsicle, they examined the wound and decided the Dermabond sutures would work best for him. We got very lucky to have the head pediatrician for the entire local chain caring for him.

Long story short (*too late) it took THREE vials of the glue to close the wound. Isaiah gave a few, heart attacks because he kept zonking out on us, but in the end we were home within 2 hours of him being hurt.

PS I am still floored the people who were working in JCPenney made no effort to help.


Momisodes said...

Oh my goodness. Poor Isaiah and poor you! That must have been so terrifying. It's so different when something like this happens to your child. I'm so glad to hear that it all worked out and they were able to use the dermabond.

That's awful they were so unhelpful at the store!

Aunt Becky said...

Poor guy. Shame on JC Penney. I hope that you write them a scathing letter.

mom2nji said...

Aside from being terrified about how hurt he was, all I could think about was NOOOO his pretty face!!